BUDVAC Glass Vacuum Storage Systems - For short or long term freshness

BudVac storage containers are all glass and the secret is in the lid.  We use a patented technology that allows you to create a complete vacuum inside the jar using our vacuum-pump (that comes with each order).  Simply close the lid, place the pump on top of the rubber valve (in the center of the lid), pump until you hear the "clicking" indicator - and that's it!!!  The wonderful contents inside are vacuum sealed and protected!

BudVac systems are for short or long term storage usage.  We are the worlds first and only all glass, resealable, vacuum container.  Each unit comes with a hand pump that is used to pump the air out of the jar creating a vacuum and locking out air and moisture thus keeping your herbs fresh and full of flavor. 

- BudVac jars will not stain or absorb any odors, nor will they let any odors out.

- BudVac systems are perfect for everyday use or for long-term storage.  Has been tested to hold a perfect vacuum for one full year.

- BudVac's can be used for herbs, spices, snacks, vitamins, jewelry and anything else you want to keep fresh or keep away from oxygen.

- Warning: Other vacuum seal products are made of harmful plastics that leach BPA, they also crush your contents - NOT GOOD

- BudVac is an industry leader.  In business since 2010 and Always the BEST!

- The glass is made in Italy and our special lid is made in Southern California!   

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