BUDVAC Glass Vacuum Storage Systems - For short or long term freshness

Some questions we have been asked over the years:

Q:  Are the units dishwasher safe?
A:  We recommend removing the lid and cleaning it by had, the jar portion can be placed in a dishwasher.  Remove the lid from the jar, remove the rubber gasket as well as the rubber valve piece on the top of the lid.  Rinse the rubber pieces as well as the lid and replace.

Q:  Do I need to purchase a pump and jar separately or does the jar come with a pump.
A:  Every purchase comes with one manual hand pump.  We sell them individually just in-case you loose one or need an extra one.  (If you buy three jars your package will include three pumps.)

Q:  My pump doesn't always make the clicking noise when I pump it.
A:  Be sure to place the container on a flat level surface and hold the pump in a vertical position to ensure a firm connection to the rubber valve on the top of the lid.  Pump until you hear the clicking noise and your done.

I'm not sure what size would be best, should I get a size that I would fill all the way to the top or should I get something a little bigger so there's extra room in the jar?
A:  As to your question, it really doesn't matter but you just need to know that the more empty space there is in the jar means there's more air to be pumped out so if you have (for example) a 500ml unit that would normally take about 8 to 10 pumps when full then it may take about 15 pumps when half full.  No matter what you will still end up with a full vacuum.

Q: My BudVac stopped holding a seal.  Ive had it for almost a year and it always works great but today I noticed the vacuum was gone (I pumped it last night so its been about 12 hours).  Is there something I can do or will you replace it?
A:  Hi *****, yes we will replace any defective unit but first please do the following:  Remove the rubber O-ring under the lid as well as the rubber valve at the top of the lid and wash under warm water, pat dry and replace.  This works every time.  Any small piece of debris could cause a small leak so make sure the seals are clean.

Q:  How long will the container hold a vacuum seal?
A:  We have tested the units to hold a complete vacuum seal for one full year.  In the early days when we first created our product we made a special unit with a vacuum gauge attached to the side of a jar.  We pumped the air out and set it on a shelf (and forgot about it) for a full year.  A little over a year later we pulled it off the shelf and noticed that the gauge hadn't moved a bit so we thought the gauge had broken.  We then pushed the vacuum release and sure enough the gauge dropped back to normal atmosphere.  So, to answer your question - at least one year!

Q:  I live in ***** ,  how long does it take for shipping?
A:  We ship every order via the USPS Priority shipping and most orders will arrive within three business days after your order is processed.  Most West coast states are next day, mid states are two days and East coast are three days.  Note: Processing is usually same day, but due to certain things like promotions and heavy purchasing could take up to three days.

Q:  Do you ship international?
A:  Sorry, at the moment we don't ship international but you can use third party shipping services.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask here.