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About Us

At BudVac, our overarching goal is to preserve your prized cannabis flowers while maintaining absolute discretion. 

Our BudVac jars reached terpene supremacy by utilizing dual factors - a vacuum seal and glass. Our vacuum seal is created by using our proprietary lid that’s equipped with an air vacuum valve. Paired with our vacuum pump, you can remove every last bit of air within the jar. 

BudVac’s glass jars are entirely impermeable. This means that nothing can escape from its walls - especially the dank aroma that exudes from each bud. Additionally, our glass is never treated, which ensures that nothing will ever leech onto your valuable flowers, unlike plastic containers that are made of petroleum biproducts containing BPA.

The process of securing the health of your buds and maintaining absolute discretion is accomplished with a few rapid pumps. You’ll quickly hear a clicking sound - which is the indicator letting you know that the process is complete.

Overall, we’re dedicated to cannabis preservation. With our BudVac jars, you can age your cannabis buds precisely like a fine wine and discern distinct aromatic and flavor notes that wouldn’t be possible without the help of our BudVac jars. 



Why Does BudVac Want To Preserve Terpenes?

There’s a reason why you’ve been hearing so much about terpenes lately. They are responsible for the aroma and flavor of cannabis and even play a role in how you feel after consuming marijuana. 

These organic oils degrade quickly when they’re exposed to air and other environmental factors - such as temperature, humidity, and pests. However, the air we breathe is the primary factor in terpene degradation because it facilitates oxidation. This chemical process is the reason why improperly dried, cured, and stored cannabis flowers lack a pungent aroma and flavor. 

This is where BudVac comes in. We’ve specifically engineered the perfect tool to preserve your terpenes so you can enjoy your cannabis at its highest potential. BudVac removes the culprit (air), and your flowers will remain stored in the ultimate environment. With BudVac - say goodbye to stale and flavorless cannabis. It’s time you enjoyed the true essence that cannabis offers - all with the help of BudVac.


Why Choose BudVac?

There’s a multitude of reasons why you should use BudVac storage systems, whether you’re cannabis-connoisseur or a once-in-a-while toker. 

● Preserve hundreds of unique terpenes found within cannabis

● BudVac jars will never absorb odors

● Keep your cannabis smelling and tasting fresh

● Prevent your cannabis from going stale

● Incredibly easy to use - a few pumps and you’re done

● High-end Italian glass

● Proprietary lids are made in California

● Sized to fit any amount of cannabis - from ½ oz to 1 full pound

● You can use BudVac for other materials aside from marijuana, such as spices, expensive coffee/tea, valuable coins/jewelry and any other valuable items that deteriorate with exposure to air

● Perfect for long or short-term storage

● BudVac jars have been tested for full vacuum up to one year

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